BSA National Themes


Previous SHAC Rotating Themes

The BSA Day Camp Administration Guide recommends that councils develop a theme cycle. In 2013, the council day camp program committee developed fun-based themes (i.e., Texas/western, jungle, beach, space and hometown heroes) so that no boy experiences the same theme twice. The themes were chosen are easy to decorate (supplies are available at party stores), ideal for coordinating a Blue and Gold banquet (so match the placemat), appeals to Scouts in our area (e.g., Texas, space) and to all kids (aka, not sports or science-focused), age-appropriate, have lots of supplemental materials (e.g., skits, songs, tot lot activities) on the internet (e.g., Baloo's Bugle), copyright free graphics can effortlessly be made, generic. Materials could then be built upon during subsequent rotations and districts and councils could select alternate themes for their events (e.g., cuboree, Fun with Son).


Magic Theme