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Webmaster Instructions

To Edit Questions

  • Click on "Edit Form" below, under Request FOS Presentation. Add questions on the "Questions" tab and edit the message that pops up after a form is submitted on the "Thank You Message" tab.

Change Email Notifications

  • Forms can be sent to a single email address or multiple email addresses (separated by commas). To change email address, click on "Settings" below, scroll down and click on the  "Notifications Settings."  
  • The DE and district membership chair email addresses should both be listed under "Email Address(es) to Receive Form Submissions."  The field director's email should be listed under "Notification BCC Email Address(es)."
  • After the DE receives the submission, they are to input the information in the council Access database for printing.
  • The membership chair should ensure that all packs submit a form.  In addition, please make sure that the information on the Units tab is accurate. and encourage units to update their pin at www.BeAScout.org.

Download Data

  • The website collects the forms submissions which can be viewed by a user with edit permissions. In edit mode, click on the "Administration" link, then on "Submission Data." Data can be exported to Excel or Word. Submissions can also be viewed by clicking on "View Submissions Grid" or "Browse Submissions."
  • The data should be deleted after the fall recruiting season is over by clicking on "Delete All Form Submission."

Email Notification

Forms submitted are currently set to be sent to:

Shirts should be returned no later than the Monday after camp for partial credit. 

Fill out the form as soon as you know what will be returned.  Please don't wait! This forms helps keep us from printing unnecessary shirts.



Camper T-shirts

Volunteer T-shirts

Key Staff T-shirts

Return Information


After hitting the submit button below, please allow about one minute for processing.  A message will then pop up letting you know your information was submitted.