Registration Reports

Day camp registration reports can be downloaded below. The day camp chairs have the password.  If there are any issues, please submit it below.

Reports will be updated after your camps close.

Update: Unless you request a change of camp close date below, the registration link will be removed from the district/council website two weeks before the first day of camp. The registration link will remain open for one more week. This will allow the camp director to add any last minute youth and adults at their discretion.  The registration link will be sent to the camp director. A volunteer or parent will have to contact the camp director to get the registration link. Beginning the Monday before camp, registration will be closed. So get all adults to register ASAP so the Adult in Camp Compliance can be completed.

Registration reports (updated May 29, 2017     *June 1, 2017)  

All Districts: Income / Registration Summary (updated June 1, 2017)


Council Support / Change Camp Close Date / Request a Report


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