Online Registration Support


Each day camp should assign one individual to pull reports (e.g., registration chair). This individual needs to request access to Doubleknot by submitting a form to their district executive. Access will be provided sometime between after the early registration deadline and the beginning of April.

Important: follow the report instructions. On page 5, it is critical to pull the customized report at the bottom of the page and not the View Registrations. 

Report Instructions          Form to Request Doubleknot Access

Adult in Camp Compliance: The volunteers who have submitted their Adult in Camp Compliance will be sent to the day camp chair and registration chair. each week beginning in April.  Each camp needs to complete a survey letting Wayne know the email address of the chairs.


Approve or Submit Corrections to Online Registration


Doubleknot Corrections 


Day Camp Webpage Corrections

Important: Visit your district website and look at the day camp page on your district website and submit corrections below.

Did you know?  There is a website feedback form under the resource tab on the district websites. Additional corrections that need to be made to the district website after this form is submitted can be made to the webmaster using that form.